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Soak Wool Wash

Soak Wool Wash

"Modern care for the laundry you love."

Once you've put your love and time into a hand-knit or crocheted piece, it's time to give it the aftercare it deserves. Enter Soakthe no-rinse liquid that gently cleans your precious pieces. Available in three scents and three sizes, it can fit into your aftercare regimen no matter your mood or your circumstance.

"Yuzu" is a sprightly scent with a kiss of tart citrus and crushed eucalyptus. "Lacey" strikes a decidedly feminine note, with sweet bergamot underlining soft florals. "Scentless" provides a neutral backdrop for washinggreat for your sensitive friends, or for when plain is best.

Each of the three scents are available in three sizes: a 5ml flat packet, ideal for travel; a 3 oz small bottle, great for trying out a scent or for a longer trip; and a 12 oz bottle for your laundry room.

We pack up the 5ml packets in packs of three of one scent, or try our mix pack if you're not sure which scent you'll love the most. Tuck in one or two packets in with your knitted gifts to help the lucky recipient take the best care of the gift you've made for them!

3-pack, Yuzu.

3-pack, Lacey.

3-pack, Scentless.

3-pack sampler: 1 each of Yuzu, Lacey, and Scentless.

Yuzu, 3oz bottle.

Lacey, 3oz bottle.

Scentless, 3oz bottle.

Yuzu, 12oz bottle.

Lacey, 12oz bottle.

Scentless, 12oz bottle.



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