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Smith Teamaker Exceptional Iced Tea

Smith Teamaker Exceptional Iced Tea

"Iced tea as it should be."

Remember when you were a kid chasing grasshoppers in the tall grass under a hot summer sun, and your mouth got so dusty you had to run back to the house, and there was a pitcher of iced tea on the porch, and you gulped down a frosty glass?

That's how iced tea should taste. Bright, smooth and full of character, even after sitting over ice for a while. Leave it to the masters at Smith Teamaker to get that right.

Their new concoction, Exceptional Iced Tea, is a hit here on Bainbridge Island. Each box contains 10 sachets of perfectly blended fresh Assam and Ceylon teas. Each sachet makes one quart of full-bodied, satisfying tea.

A wedge of lemon would not go amiss. And the grasshoppers can wait.

10 one-quart sachets.


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