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Smart Travel Portable Lamp

Smart Travel Portable Lamp

"Modern, portable, multi-purpose."

This brilliant little lamp is just the thing to slip into your travel bag—it makes knitting on the go that much easier! The Smart Travel Portable Lamp comes from the Daylight Company (makers of the Naturalight and Foldi Lamps) and exemplifies their characteristic attention to usability. Its LED light delivers high contrast lighting, accurate color-matching, and low heat. This lamp’s rechargeable battery will illuminate your work up to ten hours on its lowest setting, and four on its brightest setting—you’ll still have light when plugs are scarce! It has a USB adapter as well, so you can recharge from your laptop.

Dimensions: 10.8”/27.4 cm high x 2.6”/6.6 cm deep; 0.9 lbs (14.4 oz).

Smart Travel Portable Lamp.



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