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Bee Local Single-Origin Raw Honey

Bee Local Single-Origin Raw Honey

"From the flora, fauna, and forage of the PNW." 

Transport your taste-buds to the terroirs of the Pacific Northwest with Single-Origin Raw Honey from Bee Local! Each honey variety offers a distinct, complex flavor that reflects the flora, fauna, and forage of its unique region. Where will your favorite flavor be from?

Bee Local produces artisan honey using sustainable techniques while promoting community involvement and education. Their goal is to become the most trusted, transparent, and tasty honey company in America, sourcing only the most healthy and uniquely delicious honeys.

Note: Bee Local's resident cheese genius gave us some truly insightful info on how to pair these honeys with cheese. Gruyère or a similar alpine cheese pairs nicely with the Walla Walla and Willamette Valley honeys. A fresh chèvre is delectable with the Oregon Buckwheat honey. Go bold with roquefort, go sweeter with a cambozola. Blue cheese goes with anything! And if you'd like a dessert option, pair any of these honeys with a triple cream brie for something absolutely decadent. Oh, boy. Now we're really hungry...

Walla Walla honey. 8.62 oz jar. This honey’s sweetness starts out flowery and bright, then finishes with a slightly spicy, fruity flavor that reminds us of apricots and figs. 

Willamette Valley honey. 8.62 oz jar. From hives in the northern portion of the fertile Willamette Valley, this honey draws its complex, robust flavor from the surrounding vineyards, hops, and berry farms.

Oregon Buckwheat honey. 8.62 oz jar. Rich in vitamins and minerals, this honey is dark, smoky, and earthy. Its molasses overtones shine in strong, black teas (try a smoked one like a Lapsang Souchong, or our Russian Caravan!).



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