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Sightings Vest Using Big Bad Wool Baby Yeti

Sightings Vest Using Big Bad Wool Baby Yeti

“For your wee Yeti.”

Shh! Did you see that? Something small and fluffy just whizzed by! Aha... it was your little one, wearing the Sightings Vest, from Big Bad Wool. With easy raglan shaping, the pattern includes instructions for a vest (and hoodie!) in five different sizes. You’ll be soon be sighting your wee Yeti all over the playground.

The Sightings Vest is knit in Big Bad Wool’s Baby Yeti—the fluffy stuff of make-believe and bedtime stories. A furry blend of 85% baby alpaca and 15% fine merino, this chunky-weight yarn has a tight chain thread that secures little clusters of fiber. So while dressing up as a wee abominable snowman, you and your little one will love the knitted fabric’s soft, fuzzy texture.

Pick up the pattern and choose a color for the Sightings Vest below. The Basic Details tab will tell you how many skeins you need for your wee one's size. And don't forget the leather lace!

Big Bad Wool "Sightings Hoodie & Vest" printed pattern (requires shipping).

COLOR: Raw. Soft cream.

COLOR: Ashes. Dusty baby blue.

COLOR: Pink Noses. Delicate pink.

Leather lace for vest closure.

COLOR: Charcoal. Slate grey.

COLOR: Red Bird. Rich red.



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