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Shoulder Cozy (Adult) Using Manos Serpentina

Shoulder Cozy (Adult) Using Manos Serpentina

"Fluffy guard against the chill."

We’ve called it a capelet. And a poncho. And a cowl. And perhaps . . . a snood? We love seeing what happens when we just keep knitting away at our cherished Shoulder Cozy. The wide, bell shape that fits around your shoulders and a generous, cowl collar defies all chilly drafts!

We knit this version of our Shoulder Cozy with Manos del Uruguay’s fun, festive Serpentina. This aran-weight yarn has a delicate, twisted effect that mimics the paper streamers that fill the air during carnivale. The charming, hand-dyed, thick-and-thin strand has vibrant colors twirling together throughout!

Digital Shoulder Cozy pattern. (Download)

Printed Shoulder Cozy pattern. (Requires shipping).

Free Digital Adaptation for Manos Serpentina. (Download)

COLOR: 1579 Gabriela. The color of spring! Creamy white shot through with pastel green, purple, and yellow.

COLOR: 1276 Rigoberta Menchu. Candy store. Hot pink with streaks of bright blue, neon green, dazzling orange, and a few shades of purple thrown in for good measure.

COLOR: 1666 Malala. Greyish white fades into dark charcoal, with pops of magenta, orange, and yellow.

COLOR: 1716 Frida. A piñata in a yarn! Creamy white, varying shades of pastel purple and green, and pops of bright yellow, red, and pink.

COLOR: 1442 Georgia O'Keeffe. White with the faintest hint of blue shifts through light sky all the way to rich lagoon. Streaks of purple and yellow.

COLOR: 1563 Amelia. White and pastel green with surprise spots of sky blue, navy, and spring pollen.

COLOR: 1562 Coco Chanel. Off white with streaks of dark denim blue.

COLOR: 1560 Florence Nightengale. Off white with orangey red and dark blueish grey.





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