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Shortbread House of Edinburgh Tins

Shortbread House of Edinburgh Tins

"New flavors, and now in fun tins!" 

As if they weren't tempting enough. Tins! Bright, summery and great for repurposing. And yet another reason to stock up on Shortbread House of Edinburgh.

These new flavors round out our collection beautifully. Sicilian Lemon reminds us of lemonade on the porch, and pairs nicely with iced or hot tea. We also added the Dark Chocolate Chip because, well, why not?!  And Stem Gingersuch a shop favorite in shortbread fingers that we definitely wanted them in a round biscuit shape. And the Originalhad to have that! A dense, dunkable, perfectly-sugared shortbread.

Tin of Shortbread with Sicilian Lemon.

Tin of Shortbread with Rich Dark Chocolate.

Tin of Shortbread with Warming Stem Ginger.

Tin of Original Shortbread.