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Shibui Tweed Silk Cloud

Shibui Tweed Silk Cloud

Lights, in the distance/ glowing halos intertwined / I walk out my front door. Shibui Tweed Silk Cloud is a light, graceful nod to tweed—and we’ve fallen head over heels for it. This lace-weight yarn’s core of silk has quiet, tonal flecks that seem to glimmer within the soft cloud of kid mohair. Knit on its own, Tweed Silk Cloud’s fabric is delicate and floaty. Pair it with another yarn for a boost of texture and dimension!

65% silk, 35% kid mohair; 25 g/190 yds (174m).
4-4.5 sts=1"/2.5cm; Hand-wash.
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COLOR: 2001 Abyss. Tweedy black.

COLOR: 2003 Ash. Tweedy pale grey.

COLOR: 2181 Bone. Tweedy bone white.

COLOR: 2038 Cove. Tweedy teal.

COLOR: 2185 Deep Water. Tweedy ocean blue.

COLOR: 2186 Dusk. Tweedy mindnight blue.

COLOR: 2041 Pollen. Tweedy goldenrod.

COLOR: 2037 Tango. Tweedy cherry red.

COLOR: 11 Tar. Tweedy charcoal.

COLOR: 2194 Twilight. Tweedy periwinkle

COLOR: 2017 Velvet. Tweedy purple.

COLOR: 2180 White. Bright white.

COLOR: 2206 Black Plum. A color inspired by the fruit at it's most perfect ripeness.

COLOR: 2207 Vintage Rose. A pinkish-mauve color inspired by a favorite lipstick.

COLOR: 2208 Glacier. A color inspired by the reflections of sky and water on a cold, clear day.

COLOR: 2200 Paloma. Fiery pink.

COLOR: 2201 Crete. Bright Cyan.

COLOR: 2205 Caper. Olive green.

COLOR: 2195 Noire. Black.

COLOR: 2209 Paprika. Bright red.

COLOR: 2202 Syrah. Red wine red.



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