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Shibui Silk Cloud

Shibui Silk Cloud

This lace-weight mohair blend is a knitter's miracle. Like other mohair, you can knit it ‘up’ or ‘down’ in gauge using a variety of needle sizes without losing stitch definition. Its core of silk (a significant 40%!) lends a beautiful luster to the strand as well.

It's also an amazing addition to other fine yarns, lending a subtle halo to your project while also helping to boost gauge. With 330 yards in one 25 gram skein, the name Silk Cloud is no exaggeration!

60% kid mohair, 40% silk; 25g, 330 yds (300m).
20 sts = 4"/10cm on US 7 (4.5 mm). Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry
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COLOR: 2001 Abyss. Deep black.

COLOR: 103 Apple. Bold chartreuse.

COLOR: 2003 Ash. Palest grey.

COLOR: 2018 Bordeaux. Rich maroon.

COLOR: 115 Brick. Red-orange.

COLOR: 13 Caffeine. Delicate khaki.

COLOR: 2032 Field. Olive-drab green.

COLOR: 2012 Fjord. Elegant muted teal blue.

COLOR: 2010 Flaxen. Delicate muted ochre.

COLOR: 2035 Fog. Cool greeny-grey.

COLOR: 2002 Graphite. Steely blue-grey.

COLOR: 2004 Ivory. Creamy white.

COLOR: 2022 Mineral. Warm medium-grey.

COLOR: 2027 Pool. Cool, almost electric teal.

COLOR: 2031 Poppy. Bright salmon.

COLOR: 2016 Suit. Muted navy.

COLOR: 11 Tar. Dark charcoal-grey.

COLOR: 2017 Velvet. Rich regal purple.

COLOR: 2041 Pollen. Brassy-green goldenrod.

COLOR: 2034 Blueprint. Electric blue.

COLOR: 2038 Cove. True teal.

COLOR: 2037 Tango. Cherry red.

COLOR: 2039 Imperial. Plummy purple.

COLOR: 106 Raspberry. Bright raspberry pink.

COLOR: 2180 White. Bright white.

COLOR: 2181 Bone. Bone white.

COLOR: 2182 Shore. Deep sky blue.

COLOR: 2183 Petal. Bright rosy pink.

COLOR: 2185 Deep Water. Ocean blue.

COLOR: 2186 Dusk. Purplish navy.

LIMITED EDITION COLOR: 2187 Ember. Bright reddish orange.

COLOR: 2194 Twilight. Periwinkle blue.

LIMITED EDITION COLOR: 2196 Riviera. Stunning cerulean blue.

COLOR: 2206 Black Plum. A color inspired by the fruit at it's most perfect ripeness.

COLOR: 2207 Vintage Rose. A pinkish-mauve color inspired by a favorite lipstick.

COLOR: 2208 Glacier. A color inspired by the reflections of sky and water on a cold, clear day.

COLOR: 2200 Paloma. Vibrant pink.

COLOR: 2201 Crete. Bright Cyan.

NEW COLOR: 2205 Caper. Olive green.

NEW COLOR: 2195 Noire. Black.

NEW COLOR: 2209 Paprika. Bright red.

NEW COLOR: 2202 Syrah. Red wine red.



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