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Shetland Wool Adventures Journal: Volume 01

Shetland Wool Adventures Journal: Volume 01

"A celebration of craft, creativity, and all things Shetland."

In the gorgeous Shetland Wool Adventures Journal, created and edited by Misa Hay, you get an expansive look at all things Shetland! With everything from local history, recipes, walking tours, to—of course—knitting patterns, this Journal is an inspiration and celebration. Plus, by purchasing a copy, you’re supporting Shetland small businesses, creative industries, and local tourism.

In Volume 1, you’ll find six knitting projects (including designs by Donna Smith, Ella Gordon, and Wilma Malcolmson), as well as features on organic Shetland wool, weaving, traditional Shetland habitation, and more. Enjoy!

Shetland Wool Adventures Journal, Volume 1.



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