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Sequence Knitting

Sequence Knitting

"Simple stitches, complex fabrics."

Immerse yourself in a new and structured way to create amazing knitted fabrics! In this deeply informative book, Cecelia Campochiaro unravels stitch patterns down to their inherent simplicity. Sequence knitting is, in fact, repeating a sequence of stitches in a specific way over and over again. But oh, the variations! This book includes full color stitch dictionaries with over 190 fabrics, many of which are new and reversible, as well as over 40 patterns for simple, elegant accessories.

With a little bit of math and a tiny smidge of science, delve into the possibilities of this technique. You’ll find the freedom to create complex fabrics, without having to follow charts or detailed instructions, and a deeper understanding of the building blocks of a knitted garment.

Cecelia Campochiaro is a knitter who lives and works in Silicon Valley. Sequence Knitting is her first publication outside the sciences. She grew up in a family of artists and has been knitting since the age of 12.

Sequence Knitting by Cecelia Campochiaro; Hardcover, 387 pages.



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