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Seeds Hat Using Brooklyn Tweed Loft

Seeds Hat Using Brooklyn Tweed Loft

“Fair Isle without the fussiness.”

This urban-rustic topper is one of the 11 accessories in Woolens, Jared Flood’s versatile and beautiful new book. If you’d love to spread your wings and knit with color, have no fear. Jared’s precise instructions and clear charts will guide you to a successful completion.

Only six rounds (eight for the larger size) require you to alternate colors. And with short floats in the back, correct tension will be a breeze.

Find the right fit with three sizes from teen to adult, choose between two different ribbed brims, and express your personal style with three colors of Brooklyn Tweed Loft. We assembled different combinations for you here.

Grab the book below along with your favorite colorway. (Please note that if you don't see the book here, it means that we are temporarily sold out.) And if you'd like invent your own colorway, head over to the Brooklyn Tweed Loft page.

"Woolens" book by Jared Flood; soft cover; 135 pages; 11 designs.

COLORWAY: Winter Berries (Truffle Hunt, Homemade Jam, Fossil).

COLORWAY: Hearthside (Nest, Long Johns, Fossil).

COLORWAY: Frost Fairies (Fossil, Postcard, Sweatshirt).

COLORWAY: Frozen Lake (Truffle Hunt, Old World, Faded Quilt).

COLORWAY: Rustic Retreat (Soot, Hayloft, Woodsmoke).

COLORWAY: Campfire (Barn Owl, Sap, Cinnabar).

COLORWAY: Autumn Vineyard (Plume, Embers, Snowbound).

COLORWAY: Northern Lights (Stormcloud, Tartan, Camper).



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