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Seed Stitch Baby Beanie - Summerlite 4-ply Version

Seed Stitch Baby Beanie - Summerlite 4-ply Version

"A perfect warm-weather beanie."

Something about Rowan's Summerlite planted a seed for spring baby knitting, so we revised our free Seed Stitch Baby Beanie pattern for three gauges with either a plain or rolled edge. There’s something so rhythmic about seed stitchand it's perfect for baby when combined with this washable yarn!

Click on "The Free Pattern" tab to see the pattern, then grab your choice (or choices!) of Summerlite colors (you'll need one skein). It’s such a quick and darling knit, and since people keep having babies, we like to keep a little stash ready as gifts.

Newborn: 13–14"/33–36cm circumference x 5¾"/15cm deep.
(Small Child: 15–16"/38–41cm circumference x 6¼"/16cm deep).
Information given for Newborn size; Small Child size given in parentheses ( ).

1 skein Rowan Summerlite 4 Ply (191 yds/175m). Sample shown in color 419 Duck Egg.
Or approx. 110 (120) yds/100 (110)m of a fingering-weight yarn.

US 2 (2.75mm) 16"/40cm circular and double-point needles, or size to obtain gauge.
1 stitch marker.
Darning needle to finish.
For rolled-edge version only:
US 1½ (2.5mm) 16"/40cm circular, or one size smaller than gauge needle.

28 sts/48 rounds = 4"/10cm.

See the "Basic Details" tab for size, yarn, needle, and gauge information.

GLOSSARY: K = knit; Tog = together; P = purl; St(s) = stitch(es).

Plain-edge version: Using larger circular needles, cast on 95 (105) sts. Place marker and join in round, being careful not to twist. Proceed to Seed-stitch section.

Rolled-edge version: Using smaller circular needles, cast on 95 (105) sts. Place marker and join in round, being careful not to twist. Knit every round until work measures 1"/2.5cm from cast-on edge, unrolled. Proceed to Seed-stitch section and change to larger needles.

Seed-stitch section (both versions):
Round 1: *P1, K1*, repeat between * * to last stitch, P1.
Round 2: *K1, P1*, repeat to last stitch, K1.
Repeat Rounds 1 & 2 (knitting over purls and purling over knits) until work measures approx. 3¾"/9.5cm (4¼"/10.5cm) from cast-on edge for plain-edge version; or 4¾"/12cm (5¼"/13cm) from cast-on edge for rolled-edge version. End having worked a Round 2.

Decrease rounds: Note: On Decrease rounds, ‘work 3Tog’ will alternate between P3Tog and K3Tog; work the appropriate decrease to stay in pattern. Pull resulting stitch a little snug to avoid loose decreases. Note also that decreases do not ‘stack’; counting stitches between decreases in decrease rounds will ensure proper placement. Change to double-point needles when necessary.

Round 1 (Decrease round): Beginning with P1, *work 16 (18) sts in seed st as established, work 3Tog*; repeat between * * four more times. [85 (95) sts] Rounds 2–4: Work even in seed stitch (NO decreases).
Round 5 (Decrease round): Beginning with P1, *work 14 (16) sts in seed stitch, work 3Tog*; repeat between * * four more times. [75 (85) sts].

Repeat Rounds 2–5 two more times, working two fewer sts between ‘work 3Tog’ on each Decrease round. [55 (65) sts].
Now repeat Rounds 4 & 5 only until 5 sts remain.

I-cord top (optional): Knit all 5 sts onto one double-point needle; don’t turn. *Slide sts back to right end of needle, bring yarn across back firmly and knit 5 sts again.* Repeat between * * until cord is 1"/2.5cm or desired length (to tie a top knot, 2¼"/5.5cm is required).

Finishing: With darning needle, thread tail through all 5 sts; draw tail up tightly. Thread tail down into I-cord or center of plain top; weave in ends on wrong side. (Note: on rolled edge, weave in end on knit side, which is inside of roll). Wet block or steam gently as desired.

Download printable "Seed Stitch Baby Beanie" pdf pattern.

COLOR: 417 Pure White. Snow white, not a hint of cream.

COLOR: Washed Linen. Palest silvery grey with a hint of lavender.

COLOR: 419 Duck Egg. Pale faded greenish blue.

COLOR: 420 Blushes. Soft pinkish lavender.

COLOR: 421 Buttermilk. Pale sulfur yellow.

COLOR: 422 Still Grey. Medium grey.

COLOR: 424 Periwinkle. Medium French blue.

COLOR: 426 Pinched Pink. Rosy peony pink.

COLOR: 428 High Tide. Tealy blue.

COLOR: 429 Navy Ink. Dark navy blue.

COLOR: 431 Pepper Pot. Olive grey.

COLOR: 432 Aubergine. Dark grapey eggplant.

























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