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Seashore Kerchief

Seashore Kerchief

"Perfect for keeping the sun and wind off your neck."

Inspired by the wearability of a bandana and the natural beauty of the beach, this kerchief’s triangle shape is edged with a pretty little shell motif and accented with garter ridges that look like ripples in the sand. Samples shown here are in colors 023 Brick and 021 Dijon.

Made from Hemp for Knitting’s mercerized allhemp6, the fabric just won’t wear out! And it won’t shrink, stretch, fade or pill. Hemp also provides UV protection and only gets softer and more lustrous with washing and drying.

So if you're getting away to the seashore and walking in the brisk ocean breezes, this little scarflet will keep your neck warm and comfortable. Then later it will remind you of the sand between your toes and the little treasures you saw in the tide pools!

See the instructions on "The Free Pattern" tab, and find out more about the yarn on our allhemp6 page.

Approx. 30" wingspan x 10" deep, after washing and blocking.

1 skein of Hemp for Knitting allhemp6 (165 yds/150m each); shown here in colors 023 Brick and 021 Dijon.
Or 165 yds/150m of an equivalent DK-weight plant fiber yarn.

US 7 (4.5mm) 24" circular needle, or size to obtain gauge; two stitch markers and one locking stitch marker; darning needle.

17 sts = 4" in stockinette stitch, after washing and blocking.

See the "Basic Details" tab for size, yarn, needle, and gauge information.

GLOSSARY: DblDec = double decrease (slip 2 sts together knitwise, knit next stitch, pass 2 slipped sts together over knit st); K = knit; K2Tog = knit 2 sts together; M1 = make one (with tip of left needle, lift strand running between needles from the front; knit into the back of it); P = purl; P2Tog = purl 2 sts together; RM = remove marker; RS = right side; SM = slip marker; St(s) = stitch(es); TBL = through back loop; WS = wrong side; YO = yarn over.

Cast on: Using knitted method, cast on 197 sts.

Edging: Row 1 (RS): K1, *YO, K5, pass 4 sts (one at a time, as if to bind off) over st at tip of right needle*; repeat between * * to last st; end YO, K1. [81 sts]
Row 2 (WS): P1, *[P1, YO, P1] into next st (YO from prior row), K1*; repeat between * * to last 2 sts, end [P1, YO, P1] into next st, P1. [161 sts]
Row 3 (RS): K1, M1, K1, *K1TBL (into YO from prior row), K3*; repeat between * * to last 3 sts, end K1TBL, K1, M1, K1. [163 sts] Clip locking marker around base of 82nd st to mark center (move it up as necessary).
Knit 3 rows; during last row, place 2 more markers, one after first 3 sts, one before last 3 sts.

Triangle: First and last 3 sts of every row will form the long straight edge of kerchief; work first and last sts loosely to keep edge long and elastic.
Rows 1, 3 & 5 (RS): K1, P1, K1, SM; K2TogTBL, knit to 1 st before marked center st; DblDec; knit to 2 sts before final marker, K2Tog, SM, K1, P1, K1.
Rows 2 & 4 (WS): P1, K1, P1, SM, P2Tog, purl to 2 sts before final marker, P2TogTBL, SM, P1, K1, P1.
Row 6 (WS; for garter ridge on RS): P1, K1, P1, SM, K2Tog, knit to 2 sts before final marker, K2TogTBL, SM, P1, K1, P1. [145 sts]
Repeat Rows 1–6 once more. [127 sts]
Repeat (Rows 1–3 and Row 6) six times. [55 sts]
Repeat (Row 1 and Row 6) seven times. [13 sts]
Next row (RS): K1, P1, K1, SM, K2TogTBL, DblDec, K2Tog, SM, K1, P1, K1. [9 sts]
Final row (WS): P1, P2TogTBL, RM, P2Tog, P1, RM, P2Tog, P1. [6 sts]

Finishing: Cut yarn, leaving an 8" tail. Pull cable of circular needle out between first and last 3 sts; with tail and darning needle, graft 3 sts together using Kitchener stitch (alternatively, thread tail through all 6 sts and pull up tightly). Weave in ends.

Machine wash on warm; lay flat to dry. Pin ends out as long as possible and pin bottom point; tug on each shell to define edging. When nearly dry, bash around in warm dryer to soften and ‘polish’ the yarn. Trim any ends that have popped out.

Download printable "Seashore Kerchief" pdf pattern.

COLOR: 025 Dusty Rose.

COLOR: 023 Brick.

COLOR: 022 Pumpkin.

COLOR: 021 Dijon.

COLOR: 019 Sprout.

COLOR: 015 Marble.

COLOR: 018 Sapphire.

COLOR: 039 Midnight Blue.

COLOR: 017 Periwinkle.

COLOR: 013 Foggy.

COLOR: 010 Pearl.

COLOR: 012 Classic.

COLOR: 029 Licorice.

COLOR: 028 Chocolate.

COLOR: 020 Avocado.

COLOR: 038 Angel Blue.

































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