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Seafoam Scarf - Tahki Tandem Version

Seafoam Scarf - Tahki Tandem Version

“Airy waves.”

Light and breezy—our Seafoam Scarf will lift your spirits. Inspired by Barbara Walker’s ‘seafoam’ stitch in A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns, its waves and strands are created by varying yarn-overs with garter stitch. Airy and elegant, this scarf is just right for swinging over your shoulders with a summer frock or tee.

This distinct stitch pattern works wonderfully with Tahki Tandem's shifting colors and textures. Glowing matte and sparkling gloss glide effortlessly through this worsted-weight strand. Its blend of cotton and viscose promise a light, cool fiber with a sophisticated drape. And these colors! From warm and blooming tones to subtle neutrals—you might need a different one for each day at the beach.

Click on "The Free Pattern" tab to see the pattern, then choose your favorite color of Tahki Tandem. You'll need four skeins to make the scarf size shown.

Approx. 9 x 66" (23x 168cm), after blocking.

Scarf: 4 skeins Tahki Tandem (107 yds/98m each); or approximately 428 yds (396m) in equivalent worsted weight cotton-blend yarn.

Sample shown in Color 09 Iris Garden.

US 9 (5.5mm) needles or size to obtain gauge.
Blunt darning needle to finish.

Approx. 16 sts = 4" / 10cm in pattern stitch, blocked.

See the "Basic Details" tab for size, yarn, needle, and gauge information.

GLOSSARY: K = knit; YO = yarn over (bring yarn forward between needles, then back over right needle); for multiple YOs, keep winding the yarn around right-hand needle the required number of times ending with yarn in back ready to knit.

Cast on: Using long-tail cast-on method, cast on 36 stitches. Note: Pattern stitch is a multiple of 10, plus 6.

Edging: Knit three rows.

Seafoam stitch: Row 1 (cast-on tail is to the left): K6, *YO, K1, YO twice, K1, YO three times, K1, YO twice, K1, YO, K6*; repeat between * * to end. Note: you may want to clip a pin or locking marker into first stitch in this row to mark the beginning of your ‘business’ rows.
Row 2: Knit, dropping YOs off needle as you come to them. Note: After this row, tug gently on the work to fully extend the dropped stitches and ‘set’ the fabric.
Rows 3 & 4: Knit.
Row 5 (cast-on tail is to the left): K1, *YO, K1, YO twice, K1, YO three times, K1, YO twice, K1, YO, K6*; repeat between ** to last 5 stitches; YO, K1, YO twice, K1, YO three times, K1, YO twice, K1, YO, K1.
Row 6: Repeat Row 2.
Rows 7 & 8: Knit.
Repeat Rows 1–8 until desired length or you have just enough yarn left to work second edging and bind off (approx. 7 yds/m).

Second edging: Knit three rows.

Bind off: Bind off all stitches, matching tension of cast-on end as closely as possible.

Finishing: Weave in ends (there’s no ‘wrong side’; hide your ends carefully and trim after first few wearings).

Blocking: Roll in a damp towel and let sit for a few hours. Remove from towel and lay flat to dry, pulling lengthwise to open up dropped strands.

Download printable "Seafoam Scarf Tahki Tandem Version" pdf pattern.

COLOR: 04 Ocean Deep. Bright blue, turquoise, green, lavender.

COLOR: 06 Northern Lights. Turquoise, sky blue, greens, copper.

COLOR: 09 Iris Garden. Violets, blue, green, gold, salmon.

COLOR: 10 Copacabana. Bright pinks and purples, marigold, and green, all blended with a pale neutral.

COLOR: 11 Sunset. Tangerine, salmon, dusty brick, olive, blue.

COLOR: 12 Granite. Beachy hues: sand, dusty mauve, driftwood, faded aqua.

COLOR: 13 Smokey Mountains. Muted blues, greys, lavender, sage, pop of bronze.

COLOR: 14 Springtime. Golds, spring greens, aqua, periwinkle.

COLOR: 15 Midnight Sky. Purple, lavender, pink, blue, green.