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SA Tea

SA Tea

"Authentic, organic and drop-by-drop delicious."

From Shizuoka, near Mount Fuji, come these astounding Japanese teas. They are organically grown and meticulously processed by the Sugimoto family and are among the finest green teas we’ve tasted. The superior quality requires a shorter brewing time and invites multiple infusions. The Sugimoto company has won numerous awards for their teas and and for their ecological approach. They won us over with these three types, in bags or loose.

Sen Cha. The classic Japanese beverage. Picked at their in early spring for optimum flavor and “deep steamed” to preserve fragrance and color. (Brew 30-60 seconds in hot, not boiling water 175F.)

Genmai Cha. Blended with roasted rice like other genmai chas, SA uses Sen Cha (not Ban Cha) and tops it off with prized Mat Cha, elevating this tea to an unparalleled level. (Brew 30-60 seconds in hot, not boiling water 175 F.)

Hoji Cha. Some call it “twig tea” because this toasty, satisfying drink consists of roasted tea leaf stems. With very low caffeine, it’s perfect at night. (Brew 1-2 minutes in hot, not boiling water 175 F.)

Sen Cha loose tea--2.8oz/80g in a tin.

Genmai Cha loose tea--2.8oz/80g in a tin.

Hoji Cha loose tea--1.06oz/30g in a tin.

Sen Cha tea--18 sachets.

Genmai Cha tea--18 sachets.

Hoji Cha tea--18 sachets.



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