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Rustic Bakery Shortbread

Rustic Bakery Shortbread

"Delicious & delightful." 

We have all been sighing over these exquisite, handmade shortbread cookies. They come to us from a Marin County bakery, just across the Golden Gate Bridge and are baked using the best, all-natural, organic ingredients.

Choose from the sweet, sophisticated, and delightful Vanilla Shortbread (made with Madagascar vanilla bean), the rich, robust Chocolate Cacao Nib Shortbread (made with an indulgent medley of Valrhona cacao nibs and fleur de sel), the Southern classic Pecan Shortbread (made with Del Valle New Mexico organic pecans), or the delicately citrusy Meyer Lemon Shortbread.

As a delicious companion to a warm cuppa, or a special after-dinner treat, these buttery, crumbly cookies are sure to brighten your day. Our grocery buyer says they might even be her new favorite!

Vanilla. 4 oz box.

Chocolate Cacao Nib. 4 oz box.

Pecan. 4 oz box.

Meyer Lemon. 4 oz box.



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