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Rowan Magazine 75

Rowan Magazine 75

“Over 40 spring-and-summer ready designs!”

Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 75 has us dreaming of the warm, breezy days of spring and summer! Featuring their talented team of designers, a range of their smart, soft, lightweight yarns, and a beautifully refreshing color palette, we can’t wait to cast on.

The first design story is set in the historic Sheffield Botanic Gardens in Yorkshire, where summer silhouettes and lightweight layers—tops, sweaters, cardigans, and shawls—take inspiration from nature’s architecture around them! See the plants and glass structures reflected in these patterns’ texture, lace, colorwork, and embroidery.

Then, it’s on to a sun-drenched vineyard in the south of France! In ‘Slip Into Summer’, modern summer knits celebrate the slip-stitch technique and feature Rowan’s summer-ready yarns—Summerlite DK and Creative Linen.

Rowan Magazine 75.



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