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Rowan Magazine 61

Rowan Magazine 61

"Refined grace."

Both design stories in Rowan Magazine 61 feature the soft, cool neutrals and blushing pastels of that gentle transition from winter to spring. The hints of thaw that emerge in the turn of the seasons are delicately evoked in the 30 new patterns from Rowan’s brilliant designers, helping us look forward to the coming spring.

In “Beachcomber,” intricate cables share pages with classically refined colorwork in a relaxed, stylish collection of eighteen designs for women, men, and children. These range from sweaters and cardigans to scarves and wraps—all elegant, comfortable, and eminently touchable in Softyak DK.

“Peace” carries on the theme of washed-out tones of creams, grays, and blues in twelve stunningly feminine designs for women. Each piece—from sweaters and cardigans to shell tops—is an exquisite, graceful layering option.

Including a designer profile on Dee Hardwicke—an artist, designer, and passionate knitter—and featuring articles on summer knits and the multi-talented people who go into the creation of Rowan’s iconic designs, this issue will provide endless hours of knitting appreciation and enjoyment.

Soft cover; 146 pages; 30 designs.


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