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Rombald Hat Using Erika Knight Wool Local

Rombald Hat Using Erika Knight Wool Local

"Handsome hat, gorgeous gloves."

With a traditional, Gansey-style stitch pattern and lovely, twisting cables, Rombald is a truly handsome hat! The twirling cables are repeated at the cuff of the gloves—it’s your choice whether they’re full-fingered or fingerless. This set is deliciously cozy!

Rombald was designed by Jacinta Bowie for Erika Knight, using Wool Local, a fingering-weight yarn that’s scoured, combed, spun, dyed, steamed, and hanked—all in Yorkshire! A blend of wool from Bluefaced Leicester and Masham sheep (beloved Yorkshire locals), this yarn is soft, bouncy, and hardwearing. It’s both authentically British and environmentally sustainable!

COLOR: 801 Bennett. Heathered dusky blue.

COLOR: 802 Rosedale. Lovely English rose.

COLOR: 803 Fairfax. Creamy white.

COLOR: 804 Griststone. Neutral grey-beige.

COLOR: 805 Ted. Heathered cool toned brown.

COLOR: 806 Cathy. Charcoal black.

Printed Rombald pattern (Requires shipping).



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