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"A modern angle."

A slightly different angle on a classic summer top, this A-line pullover plays with asymmetry at both neckline and hem! With instructions for both short-sleeved and sleeveless versions and lovely finishing details, Ride is a timelessly modern tee.

Designed by Sivia Harding for Shibui, Ride is knit with one strand of Cima and one strand of Twig held together throughout.

This six-page pattern includes:

  • Lovely full color photography
  • A clear design/sizing schematic
  • Brief guidelines for German twisted cast-on, German short rows, binding off in the center of a row, M1R stitch, M1L stitch, 3-needle bind-off, stretchy bind-off, centered double decrease, knitted cast-on, and 2-st I-cord bind-off.

Printed Ride pattern. (Requires shipping.)



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