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Ribbed Watch Cap Using Brooklyn Tweed Peerie

Ribbed Watch Cap Using Brooklyn Tweed Peerie

"Sailor’s savvy."

This classic, close-fitting cap exhibits equal parts sailor’s savvy and skateboard cool. We designed it in a fine gauge yarn in single rib. The tubular cast-on is nice and comfy, and the nifty, mitered decreases make for a neat finish. We love this watch cap in its most quintessential form—with a deep cuff.

We knit this version of the Ribbed Watch Cap in Brooklyn Tweed Peerie—a wee, woolly, worsted-spun wonder of a yarn. 100% American merino wool, sourced from herds in Nevada and Utah, is spun into a fingering-weight yarn in Maine. The snug twist and 4-ply construction of the strand—and the merino fiber itself—has a bouncy strength that’s enhanced by being worsted-spun. The resulting, dense strand makes the one-by-one rib of our Watch Cap stand out with crisp precision!

Printed Ribbed Watch Cap pattern. (Requires shipping.)

Digital Ribbed Watch Cap pattern. (Download)

COLOR: Admiral. Between navy and dark teal. 2 skeins.

COLOR: Fleet. Dark navy blue. 2 skeins.

COLOR: Humpback. Dark seal grey. 2 skeins.

COLOR: Loam. Dark espresso brown. 2 skeins.

COLOR: Norway. Frosty blue-grey. 2 skeins.

COLOR: Porter. Faded black. 2 skeins.

COLOR: Rainier. Dusty turquoise. 2 skeins.

COLOR: Treehouse. Deep peacock teal green. 2 skeins.

COLOR: Vintner. Dark, rich cherries. 2 skeins.

COLOR: Henge. Cool slate. 2 skeins.



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