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Churchmouse Project Boxes

Churchmouse Project Boxes

"A beautiful way to stay organized."

We couldn’t find the haberdasher-inspired storage system we wanted, so we had them handmade! Artisan paper engineers at Puget Bindery in Seattle cut these boxes from sturdy paper hardboard. Covered in a coated bookbinder’s linen, they have an archival feel.

Our Full-size Project Boxes stack easily, feel like an heirloom keepsake, and accent our décor beautifully. The 12½ x 9½ x 4 size fits a garment’s worth of yarn and an 8.5 x 11" Churchmouse pattern nicely.

Our Demi Long Project boxesinspired by an old fashioned sock boxkeep smaller projects well organized. The long demi (12½” x 4¾” x 4”) is exactly the length of our original size, but half of the width. This means they’re all perfectly, interchangeably stackable! Each box (all sizes) includes two labels.

Our Valet Trays are handcrafted from the same hardboard and covered in the bookbinder’s linen. Use this elegant 8”square to display (and keep track of) your small treasures on your dressing table.

Full-size Project Box.

Demi Long Project Box.

Demi Wide Project Box.

Valet Tray.



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