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Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flowers

"Delicate Treasures." 

Whether you're still waiting for Spring to arrive in your parts, or your world is all ready abloom, these delicate pressed and dried flowers will bring cheer to your home. Personalize a bookmark or card, adorn your journal or calendar, or just scatter across the tea table. Spring is here!

Each bouquet of pressed botanicals includes black-eyed susan, bridal wreath, orange cosmos, pansy assortment, and purple alyssum. Carefully packaged in protective glassine envelopesfive flowers in eachwith a whimsical leaf or fern included.

Feel like pressing your own garden blooms? We also offer these sturdy leaf and flower presses!

5-pack of Pressed Flowers: Black-Eyed Susan, Bridal Wreath, Orange Cosmos, Pansy Assortment, Purple Alyssum.



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