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Porcelain Ornaments by Sallie Nau

Porcelain Ornaments by Sallie Nau

"Iconic shapes in wafer thin porcelain."

Sallie Nau, the daughter of Churchmouse design team member Carol Lansinger, took over the Seattle Porcelain company several years ago and moved the little factory to nearby Kingston. There, from a red painted Swedish workshop, she carries on a 20-some year tradition of making slip-cast white porcelain ornaments for collectors, company gifts, awards and memorials.

Several years ago Sallie hand-pinched charming elf houses for us (we have a few more this year) and this year we asked her to create an utterly simple Nordic inspired ornament just for us.

Sallie hand cuts wafer thin iconic shapes from rolled porcelain and glazes them for a gleaming finish. We added natural cotton twill loops so you can hang them on the tree or gift package. They're also charming hanging in a row in a winter window.

STYLE: Little house.

STYLE: Big house.

STYLE: Little heart.

STYLE: Big heart.



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