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Partridges Butter Biscuits

Partridges Butter Biscuits

"Blooming with flavor." 

Butter biscuits are one of our abiding pleasures—a pleasure that is perpetuated and renewed by such delicious treats as these from Partridges of London. They’re light, exquisitely flavored little shortbreads with floral hints that bring to mind gardens in full bloom.

Three flavors are equally irresistible. Honey & Lavender is filled with a green, summery, and wonderfully sweet taste. Mild and romantic rose is perfectly accompanied by creamy almond in the Almond & Rose biscuits. And bergamot is delicately and scrumptiously represented in the Earl Grey Tea flavor. (Our grocery buyer, Erika, claims these as her favorite—"Honestly one of the best tasting Earl Grey cookies that I’ve been able to get my hands on!”)

Partridges is a family run food shop in Central London, opened by Sir Richard Shepherd in May 1972. They were inspired to infuse their biscuits with edible flowers by the historic association of nurseries in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

FLAVOR: Almond Rose Butter Biscuits.

FLAVOR: Earl Grey Butter Biscuits.

FLAVOR: Honey Lavender Butter Biscuits.



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