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Ossa Shawl Using Shibui Silk Cloud/Pebble

Ossa Shawl Using Shibui Silk Cloud/Pebble

“One splendid shawl.”

An airy, fluid fabric and sheer, seemingly random striping make Ossa a stand-out shawl. Knit on the bias, Ossa’s triangular shape is started at the long edge, then decreases down to a point. Plus, this pattern is free with the purchase of Shibui’s Silk Cloud and Pebble!

The staggered stripes and floaty fabric are achieved by alternating sections of lace-weight Silk Cloud knit solo with sections of lace-weight Pebble and Silk Cloud held together. Silk Cloud, a heavenly silk/mohair blend, brings a pretty halo to Pebble’s lustrous blend of silk, fine merino, and cashmere. A powerful partnership of fibers for one splendid shawl!

Choose your colorway for your Ossa below; we'll include the free pattern from Shibui when you order from this page. We've chosen some of our favorite colors below, but you can view the full selection on the Silk Cloud and Pebble pages - just include a note that you would like the pattern if you choose a color not listed on this page. You'll need 2 skeins of Silk Cloud and 1 skein of Pebble.

Silk Cloud. NEW COLOR: 2183 Petal. Bright rosy pink.

Silk Cloud. COLOR: 2182 Shore. Deep sky blue.

Silk Cloud. COLOR: 2181 Bone. Bone white.

Silk Cloud. COLOR: 2034 Blueprint. Electric blue.

Silk Cloud. COLOR: 2180 White. Bright white.

Silk Cloud. COLOR: 2001 Abyss. Deep black.

Pebble. NEW COLOR: 2183 Petal. Bright rosy pink.

Pebble. COLOR: 2182 Shore. Sky blue with bright blue marl.

Pebble. COLOR: 2181 Bone. Parchment.

Pebble. COLOR: 2180 White. Bright white.

Pebble. COLOR: 2034 Blueprint. Bright blue with paler blue marl.

Pebble. COLOR: 2001 Abyss. Tweedy blend of cool light greys.



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