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Organic Daily Matcha

Organic Daily Matcha

"A daily tradition."

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With a sweet aroma, vibrant green color, smooth texture, and savory aftertaste, SA’s Organic Daily Matcha is meant to be enjoyed every day! Matcha is the tea traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony. It’s pure, powdered green tea—even the veins of the leaf are removed!—created from tencha, or the tender tea leaves harvested in early spring.

Not only does matcha make a delicious hot drink on its own, it can be used as an ingredient in other blended drinks, Japanese-style sweets, ice cream, baked goods, and more. Even better, it’s purportedly a superfood—rich in antioxidants and amino acids!

Matcha can be a little finicky to brew. For best flavor, bring water to 175°F (80°C). Add between one half to one full teaspoon of matcha per six ounces of water. Then, whisk vigorously for at least 30 seconds. Erika, our tea buyer, recommends using back and forth motions mixed with circular motions. We carry a bamboo tea whisk for your convenience!

Matcha; 2.0oz (57g) pouch.

Bamboo matcha whisk by Smith Teamaker.

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