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Oliver Pluff Wassail Spices

Oliver Pluff Wassail Spices

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Employ the spices in these pretty tins and packets to create a cider, ale, or mulled wine wassail. As they did in days of yore!

Named for the old English greeting, waes hailliterally, "be healthy"wassailing was a traditional celebration of the apple harvest and winter solstice. Steep the spices in your beverage of choice and be ready to toast visitors or treat carolers. This mix, by Oliver Pluff of Charleston, South Carolina, follows authentic Middle English recipes. The 1.5 oz packet brews 1 gallon, and the 3 oz decorative tin brews 3.

Wassail Tin: Cider Spices.

Wassail Tin: Wine Spices.

Wassail Packet: Cider Spices.

Wassail Packet: Wine Spices.

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