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Oliver Pluff Cold Brew Tea

Oliver Pluff Cold Brew Tea

"Smooth and easy." 

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You don't have to think about it, really. You just add your tea to a pitcher of cold water and let it sit overnight. That's it. No worrying about brew times, oversteeping, or bitterness. It’s easy to drink as well. Cold brew is naturally smoother -- it’s sure to please the whole crowd.

Oliver Pluff uses exceptional tea leaves for their cold brew, and picked three of the most popular flavors for iced tea. And each tin includes an extra large wire mesh ball that sits in your pitcher for easy steeping. Don’t forget to refrigerate your unused iced tea -- as if it that will happen -- and discard after three days.

FLAVOR: Blackberry. Orange pekoe black tea with blackberry.

FLAVOR: Jasmine. Green tea with jasmine.

FLAVOR: Mango. Orange pekoe black tea with mango.

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