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Oliver Pluff Cacao Shell Teas

Oliver Pluff Cacao Shell Teas

"A revolutionary hot drink."

Martha Washington (yes, the) steeped the shells of roasted cocoa beans for the flavor and purported health benefits—a brew she probably shared with George!

The toasty scent of the cacao shells gives way to a full-bodied, bittersweet chocolate brew in the original Cacao Tea. For mint chocolate fans, the Cacao Mint Tea’s strong cacao notes are naturally complemented by the addition of light, fresh peppermint. And the Cacao Citrus Tea brings the tang of tart citrus to the cacao, with dried lemon and orange peels.

A refreshing substitute for coffee, these tasty tonics bloom after five minutes of steeping. Add a wee spoonful of sugar for sweetness and you’ll have an even more delightful cuppa. We think Martha would approve!

Oliver Pluff Cacao Mint Tea; 1.5oz/43g in a tin.

Oliver Pluff Cacao Tea; 2oz/57g in a tin.

Oliver Pluff Cacao Citrus Tea; 1.5oz/43g in a tin.



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