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"A smart, cozy, shawl-collared wrap!"

This piece’s shape is cleverly innovative, yet it’s a nice and easy knit! Mistral is a shawl-collared wrap, thanks to the convexly curved top and bottom edges. Depending on whether the top or bottom edge is worn towards the neck, the collar can be more or less dramatic. Plus, afterthought pockets are a cozy place to tuck your hands!

Mistral, from Shibui, is knit with two strands of Nest held together throughout.

This four-page pattern includes:

  • Lovely full-color photography
  • A clear design/sizing schematic
  • Brief guidelines for German twisted cast-on for substantial stitch count, slipped-stitch edging, German short rows, stretchy bind-off, backward loop cast-on, M1R stitch, M1L stitch, and 3-needle bind-off

Printed Mistral Pattern. (Requires shipping.)



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