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Meridian Cascading Cardigan Using Shibui Rain

Meridian Cascading Cardigan Using Shibui Rain

"A versatile layering piece!"

We had to coax this cascading front cardigan off Alicia so that Judy could take these photos. It wasn't easy. She felt so comfortable in this light piece, even indoors. Meridian uses Shibui's newest yarn, Rain, a 100% DK cotton slightly opened up at a worsted-weight gauge for maximum drape. The versatile design offers the option of long or short sleeves (we chose short), and our finished piece turned out looking just like the pattern image!

Below you'll find all the available colors of Rain and the pattern from Shibui. See the Basic Details tab for the number of skeins you'll need for your size. (Please note that if you don't see the pattern below, that means we are temporarily sold out. But we'll have more again soon, so please check back!)

Printed Meridian Cascading Cardigan pattern (requires shipping).

COLOR: 2001 Abyss. Deep true black.

COLOR: 103 Apple. Chartreuse.

COLOR: 2003 Ash. Palest soft grey.

COLOR: 2034 Blueprint. Bright blue.

COLOR: 115 Brick. Rusty red.

COLOR: 13 Caffeine. Tea-dyed linen.

COLOR: 2012 Fjord. Muted tealy-blue.

COLOR: 2004 Ivory. Creamy natural.

COLOR: 2041 Pollen. Golden lichen.

COLOR: 2031 Poppy. Happy tangerine.

COLOR: 2022 Mineral. Medium warm taupe: is it purple, grey, or brown?

COLOR: 11 Tar. Dark charcoal.



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