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Mending Matters

Mending Matters

"A Slow Fashion guide for a well-loved wardrobe."

Through this beautiful book, Katrina Rodabaugh invites you to join the Slow Fashion movement, consider sustainable living and mindful consumption, and embrace slow stitching, handcrafts, and fiber arts!

Mending Matters is filled with basic hand-mending techniques—stitching, patching, darning, and reusing—that draw on handcraft heritage and widen opportunities to connect with Slow Fashion through simple stitching.

With insights on ‘mendfulness,’ an exploration of the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, and seven patterns for smart, useful, and beautiful cowls, shawls, totes, and more, this book makes “mending your jeans and other garments an artful, joyful, and empowering act.”

Mending Matters, by Katrina Rodabaugh. Hardcover, 224 pages.



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