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Mayfield Using Rowan Alpaca Classic

Mayfield Using Rowan Alpaca Classic

“Striking, staggered stripes.”

This graphic wrap, designed by the ingenious Lisa Richardson for Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 64, illustrates a fascinating interplay between color and texture. A slip-stitch pattern creates a staggered striping sequence in three colors for a plush fabric with lots of dimension!

The Mayfield Wrap was knit in Alpaca Classic—a brilliant, sophisticated member of Rowan’s yarn family. A cotton net at the core of its strand captures an abundance of alpaca fuzz for a yarn that’s as light as it is soft. The dye, which deeply saturates the alpaca fiber, infuses with the cotton more gently. The result brings even more tonal depths to this brilliant piece!

Rowan Magazine 64. Soft cover; 163 pages; 37 designs.

5 skeins of 115, 5 skeins of 116, 6 skeins of 117.

5 skeins of 115, 5 skeins of 101, 6 skeins of 102.

5 skeins of 101, 5 skeins of 105, 6 skeins of 104.



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