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"Projects for knitters & makers."

Making, the delightful magazine series created and edited by Carrie Bostick Hoge, returns with a second installation! Fauna carries on the exploration and celebration of all forms of making, centering on the joy that animals can bring into our lives. As Carrie writes in her introduction, “Animals are beautiful and quirky and mysterious. And ever so importantly, they provide us with materials to make! Yarn, thread, and fabric to name a few.”

This issue brings us rich, insightful writing, charming color photography and a series of beautiful and useful projects for makers of all skill levels and interests, featuring knitwear designs by Karen Templer, Bristol Ivy, Ashley Yousling, Melanie Berg, and more.

It carries us away to small homesteads, sheep-inhabited islands, and fields and forests where the fauna inspires us. We all can take pleasure from this gorgeously curated magazine (printed on lovely uncoated paper stock), and find months of making within its pages.

Making No. 2/Fauna; soft cover, 7½ x 9¼", 160 pages.


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