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Madeleine Using Shibui Cima/Twig

Madeleine Using Shibui Cima/Twig

“Ooh la la!”

This sweet little cardigan summons daydreams of tiny, European street cafés. Madeleine is casual and très chicwe swoon over the French-inspired stripes, slender sleeves, and feminine, A-line silhouette. Designed by the brilliant Julie Weisenberger, Madeleine uses the Cocoknits Method of seamless, top-down sweater makingknitting will be a breeze!

Madeleine is knit in two of Shibui’s most scrumptious fibersCima and Twig. That’s a strand of Cima and a strand of Twig, both in the same color, held together for each stripe. Cima’s delicate fusion of alpaca and merino lends its glow to Twig’s drapey, cool blend of wool, silk, and linen. Knit together, they create a crisp texture with a wonderfully soft touch. We love the classic black-and-white contrast (naturellement), but you can combine any of Shibui’s rich colors you like. Magnifique.

Pick up the pattern below, and then choose your colorway combination of Shibui's Cima and Twig.  We've selected a few favorite striping shades, or you can head over to the Cima and Twig pages to see the other available colors.

Note: the colorways below contain multiple skeins of each yarn, though we only display one of each color in each fiber. See the Yarn Information tab for a detailed list of the yarns you receive with each size.

Printed Madeleine pattern by Cocoknits. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR/SIZE: Abyss-Ivory in Small.

COLOR/SIZE: Tar-Fog in Small.

COLOR/SIZE: Blueprint-Ash in Small.

COLOR/SIZE: Imperial-Mineral in Small.

COLOR/SIZE: Abyss-Ivory in Med/Large.

COLOR/SIZE: Tar-Fog in Med/Large.

COLOR/SIZE: Blueprint-Ash in Med/Large.

COLOR/SIZE: Imperial-Mineral in Med/Large.

COLOR/SIZE: Abyss-Ivory in 1X/2X.

COLOR/SIZE: Tar-Fog in 1X/2X.

COLOR/SIZE: Blueprint-Ash in 1X/2X.

COLOR/SIZE: Imperial-Mineral in 1X/2X.

COLOR/SIZE: Abyss-Ivory in 3X.

COLOR/SIZE: Tar-Fog in 3X.

COLOR/SIZE: Blueprint-Ash in 3X.

COLOR/SIZE: Imperial-Mineral in 3X.

Cocoknits Sweater Workshop by Julie Weisenberger; soft cover; 142 pages.

Sweater Worksheet Journal; soft cover; 24 worksheets + instructions for use.

Small Colored Ring Stitch Markers (US 7/4.5mm).



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