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Loopy Mango Maple Wood - 20" Circulars

Loopy Mango Maple Wood - 20" Circulars

"Made for making."

Made with maple wood, brass hardware, and a flexible pink cable, the Loopy Mango circular needles are made for a buttery smooth knitting experience! Each pair of needles comes in Loopy Mango’s signature, reusable plastic pouch—perfect to hold your needles and notions.

The Loopy Mango Maple Wood 20” Circular Needles are available in size US 19 (15 mm).

Loopy Mango is the brainchild of Oejong and Anna, two friends who met in New York—they believe that anyone can be creative. All you have to do is give it a try!

US 19 (15mm).



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