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Leonie Using Lang Lily

Leonie Using Lang Lily

"Knit quickly, wear constantly."

Leonie is a relaxed, slouchy tee created by one of our design crushes—Cocoknit’s Julie Weisenberger. We love how this everyday top knits up quickly and is so easy to wear and style. And bonus—the pattern adds some techniques to your knitting repertoire!

We knit this version of Leonie in Lang’s brilliant, blooming Lily. This worsted-weight yarn is a lightweight blend cotton blend with a meshy, ribbon-like strand. Gradient, shifting washes of color are rhythmically spotted with contrasting color dots for a vibrant, playful fabric.

4 page printed Leonie pattern (requires shipping).

COLOR: 16 Sage. Washes between olive, lime, and cloud grey with salmon, turquoise, and green dots.

COLOR: 19 Lavender Tan. Washes between lavender, mocha, and cream with rust, peach, and grey dots.

COLOR: 28 Peach Rose. Washes between raspberry, rose, apricot, and sage with tangerine, lime, and sky blue dots.

COLOR: 47 Lime Orange Purple. Washes between grape, chartreuse, and orange with purple, slate, and green dots.

COLOR: 52 Red Blue. Washes between merlot, crimson, gold, and icy blues with pine, amber, and sapphire dots.

COLOR: 53 Purple Blue. Washes between olive greens, denim blues, lilac, and strawberry with sky blue, green, and tan dots.

COLOR: 72 Blue Lime. Washes between sky blues, lemon, and chiffon white with orange, raisin, and periwinkle dots.

COLOR: 96 Yellow Orange. Washes between adobe, juniper, marigold, and soft pinks with eggplant, burnt orange, and turquoise dots.



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