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LED Smart Lamp

LED Smart Lamp

"Think bright!"

This smart lamp is an essential addition to any knitting nook—it brightens the space and encourages healthy knitting practices (it reduces eye strain)! The LED Smart Lamp comes from the Daylight Company (makers of the Smart Travel Portable Lamp and the Naturalight) and delivers the same high-contrast, accurate color matching light.

A continuous, 6-step dimmer allows for precise adjustment according to your illumination needs. Please note: the dimming button works more like a touch pad than a button. Turn on with a soft tap of your finger. Hold your finger on the button to adjust brightness. Softly tap again to turn off. 

The LED Smart Lamp measures 17.3” high by 14.9” wide by 6.8” deep and weighs 2.4 lbs. It folds completely flat for easy storage. It has a power consumption of 10W and an LED rated life of 50,000 hours.

Daylight LED Smart Lamp



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