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Learn-To-Knit Kit

Learn-To-Knit Kit



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The Kit

The Learn-to-Knit Kit is just what a knitter-to-be needs to build solid knitting fundamentals! Along with the 16-page Learn-to-Knit Companion (an easy-to-follow instructional booklet), we provide a few essential notions to make the learning process as easy as possible.

In each Learn-to-Knit Kit, you’ll find: the Learn-to-Knit Companion; a Churchmouse tape measure; a darning needle; US 8 (5mm) Clover bamboo circular needle; and the Stitch-Sampler Handwarmers & Ribbed Scarf ‘First Projects’ pattern—all housed in our custom-designed Churchmouse Project Pouch (a $55.25 value)!

Remember to sit in a comfy chair with good light, a cup of tea, and perhaps a knitting friend by your side. And have fun!

Our ‘First Projects’ patterns were designed with Manos del Uruguay’s soft, worsted-weight Maxima in mind. Once you grab your kit, select your favorite color below and get started! You’ll need one skein of Maxima to make the Handwarmers, two skeins to make the scarf, and three skeins to make both projects.

Looking for a different yarn? Berroco Ultra Wool, Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted, and Berroco Ultra Alpaca are all great, worsted-weight alternatives! Or head over to the Yarn Finder, select ‘Worsted’ and browse.

COLOR: 2020 Spirulina. Shades of yellow, from gold to chartreuse.

COLOR: 2145 Coral. Hot pink.

COLOR: 2183 Sweet Potato. Rich glowing orange with splashes of coral.

COLOR: 2241 Sand. Sandy taupe with hints of warm wheat.

COLOR: 2349 Oxygen. Translucent aqua beach glass.

COLOR: 2426 Stratus. Pale hazy sky blue.

COLOR: 2451 Ion. Blues from cornflower to cobalt.

COLOR: 2545 Pewter. Dark slate blue.

COLOR: 2552 Foil. Pale greys, from silver to pewter.

COLOR: 2590 Natural. Soft pale cream.

COLOR: 2515 Slate. Moody blues and olive greens.

COLOR: 2152 Cherrywood. Semi-solid russet red with hints of copper

COLOR: 6761 Agua. Variegated green, bright lime, blue, sea glass, and aqua.

COLOR: 8673 Fruits of the Forest. Variegated rose, lavender, warm brown, sky, olive, tangerine, coppery orange.

COLOR: 7164 Ultramarine. Variegated shades of tealy blues and greens.

COLOR: 9644 Chrysanthemum. Variegated dark rose, gold, tangerine, chartreuse, sage, olive.

COLOR: 9775 Marble. Variegated silver, lavender, dusty pink, dusty blue, palest grey, smoke.

COLOR: 6918 Camo. Variegated shades of olive, from light to dark, with hints of sea glass and golden moss.

COLOR: 9597 Purple Rain. Variegated blues, purples, and grey, with pops of white and orchid.

COLOR: 5000 Cincuenta. A blend of several shades of purple, finishing with teal, yellow, coral, and pops of blue and orange.

Learn-To-Knit Kit in large Churchmouse project pouch.

COLOR: 9850 Fresh Water. A soothing stream of varigated blues.

COLOR: 2413 Regatta. Bright admiral blue.

COLOR: 2114 Madder. Strawberry red with hints of pink and orange.

COLOR: 2500 Black. Timeless black.

COLOR: 2199 Carmine. Rich blood orange.

COLOR: 2321 Herb. Fresh sage green.

COLOR: 2149 Petal. Ballet slipper pink.