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Lang Seta Tweed

Lang Seta Tweed

Lang Seta Tweed

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A tweedy look with the softness of silk! Lang Seta Tweed is the perfect lightweight fiber option for folks who love traditional tweedy fabrics. With multiple plies snugly twisted together and filled with tweedy flecks of color, this dk-weight blend of silk and cotton offers oh-so-nice drape for spring and summer sweaters, tanks and tees. Reminiscent of raw silk, it's a great option for warmer climates, or for those who just can't bear to put their tweeds away in spring!

75% silk, 25% cotton; 25g, 108 yds (100m); 21 sts = 4"/10cm on US 6 (4mm).
Hand wash, dry flat.

COLOR: 0026 Tan. Wheat with honey and brown flecks.

COLOR: 0011 Straw. Gold with honey and brown flecks.

COLOR: 0015 Caramel. Warm caramel with honey flecks.

COLOR: 0075 Cinnamon. Gingerbread with honey and pale gold flecks.

COLOR: 0068 Dark Brown. Warm chocolate brown with honey and tan flecks.

COLOR: 0064 Bordeaux. Brownish plum with flecks of pink and honey.

COLOR: 0087 Rust. Bright cayenne with flecks of orange and pink.

COLOR: 0097 Green. Grassy spring green with jade and lime flecks.

COLOR: 0006 Light Denim. Actually more medium than light, with flecks of periwinkle and purple.

COLOR: 0035 Indigo. Dark navy blue with purple overtones.

COLOR: 0034 Cerulean. Vivid blue skies with darker blue and purple flecks.

COLOR: 0007 Lavender. Hazy lavender with flecks in shades of blue.

COLOR: 0048 Pink. Slightly greyed pink, brightened with vivid orange and hot pink flecks.

COLOR: 0004 Black. Black with tan and brown flecks.

COLOR: 0005 Dark Grey. Medium grey with a sage overtone and honey flecks.

COLOR: 0003 Light Grey. Lighter cool grey with honey flecks.

COLOR: 0078 Aqua. Vivid turquoise with bright blue flecks.

COLOR: 0049 Gold. Golden honey with brown flecks.

COLOR: 0060 Red. Vivid red with a pink undertone.

COLOR: 0061 Clementine. Glowing, almost neon orange with pink and gold flecks.

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