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No one, but no one, can quite imitate the fearless spirit of the Koigu artists. We love the complexity and short repeats of their painting. The fingering-weight merino base has just the right amount of twist: soft enough for baby-wear, firm enough for socks.

Koigu sends their hand-dyed yarns to us in small batches—and each is an individual work of art! This means that occasionally dye lots may vary, and look a little different from our image. If you have any questions about one of these beautiful skeins, we're happy to help!

100% merino wool;
50g, 175 yds(160m); 28 sts = 4"/10cm on US 6 (4mm).
Hand wash.
Looking for ideas? See how we've used this yarn!

COLOR: KPM-2343. Semi-solid; a lively lettuce green. Or is it a dusty chartreuse?

COLOR: KPM-2231. Semi-solid; sweet, warm, but not peachy. All in all, a pretty perfect pink.

COLOR: KPPPM-P105D. Deep pinks, saffron, spearmint and teal.

COLOR: KPPPM-P116. A perfect balance of bright pastels. Tipped towards the greens and blues so it's nice for boys, too.

COLOR: KPPPM-315L. A walk on a northwest beach. Sand, stone and dusty moss.

COLOR: KPPPM-P325. Like 315L, but without the sandy beige. The greys and greens are a little smokier.

COLOR: KPPPM-P458. Dark and intense. Navies, teals, cobalt, olives, slate and charcoal. With a zing of persimmon.

COLOR: KPPPM-P515. Jeans and chinos: indigo to sandwashed pale, olive to khaki. With fresh summer peach.

COLOR: KPPPM-P536. Bright greens tipped towards turquoise and chartreuse. Maroon and teal add balance.

COLOR: KPPPM-P711D. A pink we can only describe as light red. With freckles of evergreen, saffron and wine.

COLOR: KPPPM-P830. Sea green, sage and deepest, darkest forest. With terracotta, sunflower and earth.

COLOR: KPPPM-P857. A sun dappled walk in the rain forest. Gorgeous earthy, olivey greens.

COLOR: KPPPM-615. Olives, teals, plums, browns and chartreuse, with a subtle muted finish.

COLOR: KPPPM-P852. Plums, purples, golds and greens, glazed with a wash of black.

COLOR: KPPPM-P811X. All shades of sagey greens with pops of vivid lapis.

COLOR: KPPPM-P846X. Pure purple, burgundy and earthy browns, with a splash of juicy orange.

COLOR: KPM-1230. The light plays tricks. Is it amber and rust or moss and sage?

COLOR: KPPPM-P413. Deep lavenders and faded aqua with a streak of summer berries.

COLOR: KPM-1016. Dark sapphire to cornflower blue and sometimes periwinkle.

COLOR: KPM-2340S. Olive green throughout: sometimes deep, sometimes pale.

COLOR: KPM-2331. Delicate mint green.

COLOR: KPPPM-P514. Shades of green: mint, grass, teal, muted olive. All brightened up with a pop of sunshine yellow.

COLOR: KPPPM-P326. Happy pink, tangerine, turquoise, and yellow, grounded with swirls of shades of chocolatey brown.

COLOR: KPPPM-P863. Muted greens, lime, lemon, coral, teal blue, vivid purple.

COLOR: KPPPM-P971. Pale khaki, brassy gold, shades of muted grape, pops of blue skies.

COLOR: KPPPM-P918. Saturated purple-navy, fading to muted periwinkle and lavender, with a hit of peaches and cream.

COLOR: KPPPM-P309A. Muted shades of blue and brown, peachy tan, pale lemon, minty sage.