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Kinto Pebble Teaware

Kinto Pebble Teaware

"Feels just right in your hands."

The graceful, rounded shape and soft texture of Kinto’s handcrafted Pebble Teapot and Cup & Saucer is simply beautiful. Resting in your palm, each piece has the satisfying feel of water-worn pebbles. Sigh.

The diminutive pot ( with a 17 oz/500 ml capacity) fills the cup three times. With a drip-free spout and a durable, stainless steel strainer, this teapot is made to pour cleanly and brew brilliantly. Two non-slip Willow Trays are elegant companions to your Pebble tea service. Lightweight and durable, we’ve chosen a large, square size (dimensions are 12.5”/32 cm by 12.5”/32 cm) and a smaller, rectangular size (dimensions are 10.8”/27.5 cm by 8”/20.5 cm).

The Pebble Teapot and Cup & Saucer were made in Japan by Kinto, an inspiring Tokyo maker who balances usability and aesthetics to create everyday things that “feel just right in your hands.”

17oz teapot.

Cup and saucer.

Rectangular willow non-slip tray.

Square willow non-slip tray.



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