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Kim Hargreaves: Wilder

Kim Hargreaves: Wilder

"Modern and romantic."

Wilder, the new collection from designer Kim Hargreaves, is an enthralling journey into a strong feminine style. Lace and cable cardigans, modern drop stitch sweaters and simple summer tops are presented against a dreamy backdrop of windswept fields and rustic structures. The collection uses a variety of Rowan’s best-loved yarns to create fluid fabrics and ladylike silhouettes; from the elegantly understated, to the frilly and fringed.

These 21 new designs, garments and accessories, are suitable for a knitter (or crocheter - neat beret pattern!) with basic experience. Each pattern is clearly written, with comprehensive sizing directions and easy-to-read schematics. An instructions section is included to assist with techniques and finishing touches, as well as a complete abbreviations guide and glossary.

Soft cover; 21 designs.

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