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Jul Pearlescent Shawl Sticks

Jul Pearlescent Shawl Sticks

"A cultured glow."

The iridescent glow of cultured pearls top each of these beautiful shawl sticks from the fair trade metalsmiths of JUL. Available in both black and white, the pearls are hand-set in a white brass bezel. Each stick is unique—the bezels follow the contours of the pearls, all of which have a slightly different texture and color.

At just under five inches (12.2 cm) in length and about the thickness of a US 2 (2.5 mm) knitting needle, these shawl sticks undulate peacefully and functionally to gently secure hand-knit cardigans, scarves, and wraps.

JUL works with designers and manufacturers in Bali, Indonesia, to create each of their fair trade products. Cast in small batches, each piece is hand finished.

White pearlescent shawl stick.

Black pearlescent shawl stick.



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