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Island Bakery Cookies

Island Bakery Cookies

"From a small Scottish island." 

The Island Bakery cookies were sent as a sample to us, and they knocked our socks off! The Lemon Melts have such a bright, lemony, melt-in-your-mouth flavor. The Chocolate Gingers are incredible, with candied ginger adding a spicy kick.

The packaging is delightful (the inside of the box has waves, little boats, and dolphins!), and the whole story behind the bakery is just so sweet. Their products are certified organic and they use hydro power from the nearby river to power their bakery.  From their Island to our Island, delivered to you!

Lemon Melts, box of 8

Lemon Melts, 2pk

Chocolate Gingers, box of 8

Chocolate Gingers, 2pk

Apple Crumbles, box of 8

Apple Crumbles, 2pk