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Insouciant Fibers Fort Flagler Romney

Insouciant Fibers Fort Flagler Romney

Insouciant Fibers Fort Flagler Romney

This 100% Romney Wool has naturally long fibers, with expert spinning giving it a springy but substantial character. A delicious knit! This season's batch arrived in the loveliest mix of brown and grey -- so sheepy! Any worsted weight accessory or garment will boast loads of body and squish. And even better, these sheep have a history.

We've actually carried this wool before in our shop -- previously known as Beaver Valley Romney from Insouciant. When the Beaver Valley farm was recently sold, fiber enthusiast (and part-time sleuth) Carrie DeFoe of Insouciant Fibers kept her eyes and ears open for news of where the flock would be relocated. Then one day, out of the blue, a husband and wife team caretaking a farm down in Fort Flagler, Washington called to say they had purchased several of the Romneys from Beaver Valley. Hurrah! With exquisite fiber and names we love - Lily, Lilac, Violet, Tanzy, Sweat Pea and Marigold just to name a few. (Apparently Zinnia is a bit of rebel, diving over fences whenever she can!)

100% Romney wool; 100g, 175 yds (160m); worsted weight.
Gentle hand-wash in cool water.

COLOR: Dark Grey Romney.



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