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Holiday Sugar Cookies

Holiday Sugar Cookies

"Wee sugar biscuits, sensational taste." 

From a Marin County bakery just over the Golden Gate Bridge, come these charming, old-fashioned cutout cookies. These organic, hand-formed treats are low in fat, full of nutrients, and so very delicious. Our grocery buyer can go on and on about them.

Choose from delicate, buttery snowflakes made with Madagascar vanilla, a blissful mix of Madagascar vanilla and Valrhona chocolate stars, or temptingly spiced (and so, so cute!) Gingerbabies -- wee gingerbread cookies cut into ginger boys and ginger girls. Naturally, they’re so delicious, they'll elicit child-like glee.

Bite-sized and full of flavor, they're packaged in a tasteful box. A thoughtful hostess gift, or charming on your platters when you are the host. Box contains 5 ounces.

Box of mini vanilla snowflake cookies.

Box of mini ginger babies cookies.

Box of mini star cookies in vanilla and chocolate.



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