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Highlighter Tape

Highlighter Tape

"A multi-purpose tool." 

Knitters of all levels love the convenience of highlighter tape. Being removable, the tape withstands many a “pull up and re-place” moment. And if you fold over each end of the tape, you can create tabs for easy handling.

Highlighter tape is a favorite tool of chart readers, since you can read through the tape to see either what’s below or what’s coming up, depending on where you place the tape. Many knitters like to place the tape above the row being worked to see what has gone on up to that point. 

If your project involves multiple stitch patterns within a row, you can also use the tape vertically to indicate changes in the pattern, letting the tape function like stitch markers do in your knitting.

And the tape is also helpful for marking things you might miss in a pattern, such as a change in needle size or increases versus decreases. One knitter we know uses one color to mark increases and another to mark decreases.

Get creative! Who knows what uses you’ll discover.

Blue Highlighter Tape.

Pink Highlighter Tape.

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